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If you find at the end of reading one of the features on this site you have less idea than you started with on what the subject is all about, don't worry, rest assured the author is similarly confused. Just enjoy the rhythm of the words, the interplay of the vernacular, the occasional phrase that rings true, but above all, remember to accept the conclusion without questioning whether it has any real basis or not. So long as it sounds clever you're in good shape. Who needs integrity when you've got rhetoric, the odd statement you already agree with, and nothing controversial whatsoever to think too hard about?

Welcome to the wasp site


The Wasp

Of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita.

A winged predatory/parasitic insect.

Neither a bee nor an ant.

Increasingly utilised in agricultural pest control.

Some species are solitary, some are social.

"Velvet ants" are technically wasps.

Occupies an exoskeleton (a hard outer shell).

Capable of administering a venomous sting.

(Watch out for the ovipositor of some species of Aculeata.)


Are wasps worse than bees?

Is a bee better than a wasp? Of course! Bees make honey, wasps cause pain. Yes - bees are capable of causing pain too, but you would have to threaten one first. Wasps are all-too trigger happy with their ovipositors. Not to mention the wasp territory lays claim to the reigning airborne stinging insect: the hornet. Consider; a bee dies if it stings you, so it is biologically predisposed to act violently only when the stakes are high. In contrast, the wasp poses a persistent danger, sting after sting. Bees are friends, wasps are foes. End of chat!!

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